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Our aerospace expertise includes both structural and aerodynamic analysis, optimization and design. Our engineers have developed gas turbine heat signature suppression and low-observable systems, high temperature composite exhaust systems, rotor blade structural and aerodynamic models, and a comprehensive architecture for managing VTOL flight using distributed electric propulsion.

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Reducing weight increases performance, but creates additional stress on marine structural components.  High Strain Dynamics engineers use standard and custom-designed testing procedures to help clients test and improve existing components and develop new prototypes.

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Sail Industries
Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft

Sports & Recreation

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From lacrosse to skiing to camping and fishing, our experience with composite manufacturing processes and analysis has consistently yielded superior products. Our expertise includes both in-autoclave and out-of-autoclave prepreg processes as well as wet-layup and resin-transfer-molding for custom product development. Our ongoing integration of nano-composites into our portfolio provides outstanding performance and a competitive edge.

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